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₹ 221.50
₹ 443.00 Per Pair
inclusive of all taxes

1. *Size Range:* Specify the available sizes, considering different age groups.


2. *Material:* Clearly list the materials used for the upper, lining, insole, and outsole.

3. *Design Features:* Describe any specific design elements, such as color patterns, prints, or embellishments.

4. *Closure Type:* Indicate whether the shoes have laces, Velcro, buckle, or slip-on design.

5. *Sole Construction:* Detail the type of sole (rubber, EVA, etc.) and any special features like anti-slip or cushioning.

6. *Durability:* Highlight any reinforcement for durability, especially in areas prone to wear and tear.

7. *Foot Support:* Mention if the shoes provide arch support or other features for foot comfort.

8. *Safety Features:* If applicable, specify features like toe protection or reflective elements for visibility.

9. *Cleaning Instructions:* Provide guidelines on how to clean and maintain the shoes.

10. *Compliance:* Ensure that the product meets safety standards for children's footwear.

11. *Packaging:* Specify how the shoes will be packaged, including any additional items like inserts or tags.

12. *Target Age Range:* Clarify the intended age group for the shoes.

13. *Care Labels:* Include any care symbols or instructions for maintaining the product.

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Sold By: AjaY


"Introducing our vibrant and comfortable kids' shoes, designed with both style and functionality in mind. Crafted from high-quality materials, the shoes feature a [specific material] upper that ensures breathability and durability for active little feet. The [closure type] provides easy wear, perfect for kids always on the move.

Our shoes aren't just stylish; they prioritize safety with a [safety feature] and a sturdy [sole type] for a secure grip. The [sole material] sole offers excellent support and cushioning, promoting all-day comfort during playtime adventures. The adorable design, including [design features], adds a fun and playful touch.

We understand the importance of easy maintenance, so our shoes come with simple cleaning instructions to keep them looking new. Compliant with safety standards, these shoes are suitable for [target age range]. Packaged with care, each pair is ready to delight both parents and little ones alike. Elevate your child's footwear with our quality, stylish, and safe kids' shoes.



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